Truth Social Media

*Everything that is about to be said is my opinion From Articles read* Alright guys Everyone needs to calm down. So many people are literally hating on “THE TRUTH SOCIAL”. Seems like a lot of hate is being given on an app that has been open for less then 24 hours. There is people already on twitter giving it tons of hate saying they cant access it. That or they have been added to a waitlist. Well no duh you have been added to a waitlist to an app that has not fully launched. The app and site are new. … Continue reading Truth Social Media


*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.* So, I’ve read an article on Yahoo News that says Marjorie Taylor green launches, America first platform to promote Anglo Saxon traditions. As I read the article, I went down and I read that apparently the left, claims what they say, what makes America great is that we don’t judge you based on bloodline, we look at your character, so take your nativist crap and shove it. Well that’s a funny thing because I swear I remember that the left completely were trying to say that they … Continue reading THE MEDIA LIES SOME MORE.

Leader of the Free World Or Leader of unfreeing the World

*Disclaimer everything said here is my own opinion* Let me guess you dont like the title? Does it seem like I spelled it incorrect? Well the left would beg to differ they would say that its correct. Oh you think I’m fibbing? Well lets look at our current president Joe Biden. He cant seem to get his sentence’s just right. The man has Dementia and that is a fact. You have seen him finish his teleprompter speech and then he seems to forget everything. This man who is supposed to be putting us on the right path in the states … Continue reading Leader of the Free World Or Leader of unfreeing the World

Impeachment Trial 2/09/2021

*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.* Today is going to be a very interesting day. You wonder why? well it is simple the government is wasting our money on a sham trial. If you don’t believe its a sham you are being lied to. The Senate already held a vote 2 weeks back to decide on if the vote for impeaching President Trump should take place. 45 Republicans voted no on Senator Rand Paul’s decision if the vote should even take place. Which means that the senate will be unsuccessful in impeaching Trump. … Continue reading Impeachment Trial 2/09/2021