Married Before 25 with Cancel Culture Rampant.

Some people said your crazy for getting married before your 25. They said your young and you can date any girl you want. Of course I could have. I knew that now personally I rate myself a 5 and I’m okay with that. I also have to mention I’m straight and believe that Man should only Marry a Woman like it says in the bible. Unfortunately that’s a unpopular opinion these days. In fact if you believe in a man only marrying a woman you are seen as homophobic. That’s the sad world we live in. It’s very unfortunate that … Continue reading Married Before 25 with Cancel Culture Rampant.


My continued reading of Phil Robertson, titled “THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL”. Chapter 2 is called The Lie: There is no Devil. The Truth: The Devil of the Bible is real and he is our enemy. Like the title states the devil is our enemy he wants to act like our friend. He acts like doing what he says isn’t bad and there will be no consequences. You see Phil Robertson speaks of how when he was trying to change his life around. This was after he got baptized that he wanted to live life true and narrow to God. … Continue reading IS THERE NO DEVIL?


As I read a book by Phil Robertson, titled “THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL”. The first chapter of this book is titled The Lie: God Is Dead. The Truth: The God of the Bible is not dead and he never will be. I wont retail the book because its better you go and read it yourself. However from this Chapter alone it made me think about where I stand on this point. My entire Life I have lived a life were I’ve been told about God speaking of how he rose from the dead. My thoughts were always he was … Continue reading IS GOD DEAD?