As of this writing DUCK DUCK GO well it didnt go and, fly away like a duck. It crashed and burned and it went Woke. We all know what happens when you go woke, you go Broke.

So why are people giving it hate all of a sudden? Well there CEO claims that they are blocking all the Russian disinformation. However I thought it was the right for everyone to make there own grown up decision and look at the facts. Oh wait I forgot big tech thinks they are the adults and they make the decisions. They are the ones who believe they are in the right and they get baby you. They say this is Russian disinformation you don’t need to see this. Then poof just like that your missing a whole context of one side.

What’s really going on. I thought they didn’t look at what there users were doing. They weren’t tracking what you look up. Yet somehow now if you look for The Gateway Pundit. They don’t show up anymore because they are considered Russian Disinformation? Why is that ? Is it because they decided to report on things are to afraid to report on? I frequent the The Gateway Pundit and guess what a lot of there articles are backed up with what they are talking about. Last I checked having your recipets means your probably not lying.

Everyone has the right to have a fair and biased opinion. However that means everyone should also have the ability to look through all the opinions and come to there conclusion. Duck duck go should have stayed as a private search engine but they have made there bed and now they will have to lay in it.

If you want to protect them and say they can do whatever they want well your right. Yet at the same time is it right to say your a private search engine when you clearly know what people are looking for and are deciding what they should and shouldn’t see?

People use Private Search engine so they can get unbiased and open search results. They claimed they are doing to not give you disinformation. Weird way of doing it. Hey what do I know this is am opinion piece. What are your thoughts on it all?

All I got to say besides that is if your using DUCK DUCK Gone I mean Go. You might need to find some alternatives. I will link a few down below. which gives you a list of instances you can use for searching

And last one

These are a list of search engines alternatives you can check out.

Until my next opinion piece folks

As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You

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