Trust The Mainstream Media

What The Fuck?

Are you all stupid or retarded. Your serious you people are literally listening to the mainstream media? Right now, what happened to don’t trust the media. Don’t trust them because all they are doing is lying.

Yet these last 2 weeks after Russia attacked Ukraine all you people are literally posting that you support Ukraine. That Russia is the big bad wolf. You people are literally eating this shit up!

If the mainstream media is pushing pro-Ukraine stories you should be skeptical. Shit even George Soros Backs Ukraine. You people literally have been saying George soros is evil and a child predator. Yet here you are posting pray for Ukraine. Pray that they overcome the Russians. Are you fucking serious?

Wake up people the mainstream media did not just change over night. They didn’t just wake up and say hey were going to post only the truth. You people need to do more research you need to put your ears to the ground. Clean your eyes and see what’s really going down.

Repeat After me The Mainstream Media Can not be Trusted.

Until next time

As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You

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