As of this writing DUCK DUCK GO well it didnt go and, fly away like a duck. It crashed and burned and it went Woke. We all know what happens when you go woke, you go Broke. So why are people giving it hate all of a sudden? Well there CEO claims that they are blocking all the Russian disinformation. However I thought it was the right for everyone to make there own grown up decision and look at the facts. Oh wait I forgot big tech thinks they are the adults and they make the decisions. They are the … Continue reading DUCK DUCK GONE

Trust The Mainstream Media

What The Fuck? Are you all stupid or retarded. Your serious you people are literally listening to the mainstream media? Right now, what happened to don’t trust the media. Don’t trust them because all they are doing is lying. Yet these last 2 weeks after Russia attacked Ukraine all you people are literally posting that you support Ukraine. That Russia is the big bad wolf. You people are literally eating this shit up! If the mainstream media is pushing pro-Ukraine stories you should be skeptical. Shit even George Soros Backs Ukraine. You people literally have been saying George soros is … Continue reading Trust The Mainstream Media