Russia Or Ukraine Whose the Victim?

*Everything that is about to be said is my opinion From Articles read and comments from people who are dealing with things in real time.*

Alright Folks this may make some of you hate me and some of you like me but ill be honest I don’t give a damn this is my opinion. This post will also be short and sweet and to the point.

Alright from what I read and looked at Russia has its own beliefs. They believe that the entire world right now is messed up. They believe that the U.N. is a corrupt organization that takes money from countries and are useless. That and I’ve read that Russia left the Global Banking System for the Gold System. Personally I think this is smart, the dollars that are printed are at this point useless. We need to get back on the Gold Standard, right now our money has no value. However there have been many articles written on why we need to get back on the Gold Standard and ill link some below.

Now back to what we are going on about. From what I’ve read it sounds like Vladimir Putin does not trust other world governments. Which I mean is not bad at all. If you ever watched the TV-Show HOUSE. His famous quote is “Everyone Lies”. So Vladimir Putin doesn’t trust anyone that is fine. Does that mean he should attack the Ukraine? Well I don’t think so unless there is more to this that we cant see. Like interests from a certain American President in oil from another country or energy. Like Ukraine which brings me to my next point.

Now Ukraine these would seem like they are the good guys or the lesser of two evils. However are they really? Have they secretly had dealings with the American President ? Like maybe his son was on a certain board of committee’s, or they had a certain amount of money invested in the Ukraine. Who also has information on Biden and his dealings possibly. So maybe there is a different interest for Biden in protecting the Ukraine. So that is were the dilemma is for Who is the victim.

The other biggest problem is there is a whole ton of propaganda. Being thrown out from both sides. This includes the 3rd part which is other countries. We don’t know the full story. So that is why I leave you all with this question why would Russia Attack the Ukraine all of a sudden like it did. What does Russia know and not reporting and what are they hiding.

Who i believe the real victims are.

For me the Victims are all the Mothers and Father and as whole Families who will lose there children to a war that basically pointless.

Until my next opinion piece folks

As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You

5 thoughts on “Russia Or Ukraine Whose the Victim?

  1. So you’re basically just saying, “what if Ukraine has secret dealings and that’s why Russia is attacking?” If that was the reason, Putin would advertise it so others would be on his side. This argument just seems like you are biased and want to find any reason to support Russia. “Secret dealings” makes it easy because it can’t be proven wrong. Anyone that thinks critically though would realize how bad of an argument it is.

    Ukraine has been wanting to join NATO but Putin doesn’t want them to because it would give the US more influence in that region. He probably had other reasons but that’s one of the things he’s said. Putin had also claimed that Ukrainians are Nazis and that they are a danger to Russia.

    Also, as a reminder, Putin was in the KGB before becoming president. He had rigged the elections and changed the rules so that he can extend his terms. He has also ordered the poisonings of reporters and rivals. The Ukrainian president was a teacher and comedian before being elected.


  2. Theres believed to be BIO WEAPON labs up to 8 at least in the Ukraine run and developed by USA putin does not want to have them on his doorstep any country thats in NATO is corrupt i feel, America starts wars and interferes with most countries biden pushed Ukraine into this conflict and armed them up, NO country should be dabling in biolabs let alone be developing them as a weapon against humanity, America is rotten to the core


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