Could The USA be the Next Canada?

Everything that is about to be said is my opinion From Articles read

Hello There Fellow Truth Seeker.

I don’t know if you have been paying attention to all the stuff going on in Canada. If you haven’t then just no its not looking so hot for Canada.

Ill explain in one paragraph or less what is happening in Canada.

Justin “Trader” I mean Trudeau enacted emergency power’s. A few examples is

  • any public assembly “that may reasonably be expected to lead to a breach of the peace”
  • travel to, from or within a specific area
  • use of specific property
  • Seize bank accounts

Those are just a few Examples of what is granted to Justin Trudeau. You might be thinking that is not that bad. OH Really? In the United States we have the right to peaceably assemble. If we didn’t guess what that means you couldn’t protest the killing of dogs. I use this example because clearly. We currently leave in a society full of people who do not care about human life as much as we care about Animals. You want to protest about dogs being get inside of inhumane cages to bad. Your right to peaceably assemble will be taken away. Need I say more?

Now what is happening in Canada. Well that was literally truckers peaceably assembling. Now Canada doesn’t have a constitution. They have the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. It is similar to our Constitution, granting similar rights like the rights to peaceably assemble. Yet after enacting the supposed Emergency Powers takes that all away. Now all the people in Canada are well to simply put it. Fucked.

I wont sugar coat it they are Fucked that is just how it is. There is literally no way they can come back from this at this point. If you think they can go ahead and leave a comment down below wherever you are reading this however I don’t think there is a way they can come back from this.


If you are from the USA listen very closely or read however your getting this told to you. The president also can enact emergency powers and here is 6 crazy things he can do.

1. Regulate all commerce and business transactions

2. Seize all privately-held gold stores.

3.Take control of all media in the U.S.

4.Basically capture all resources and manpower.

5.Deploy the military inside the United States.

6.Suspend the government of the United States.

Those are just a few examples I will add a link to a website that explains what each one can do

Now how can this happen to us this is the important part.

If you saw what happened the summer of 2020 with all the BLM riots. We know the Democrats were behind it and basically allowing the BLM rioters to play the Racial card. Anyone that didn’t support them basically got cancelled anyways lets not waste any time talking about something we all know about.

What happened in Canada were Trudeau enacted the emergency powers, because of the Freedom Convoy protestors. Well guess what there is supposed to be a Convoy going on here in America. Where do you think that this is leading to? You can guess, Biden might just enact the emergency powers. Especially if the convoy that happens is used as a setup. Lets not forget January 6th,2020….

I am pretty sure that there will be another setup. That is if this American convoy is not already a setup so that Biden can enact the same damn thing. So before you count your Damn chickens you guys all better be prepared. Things could get a whole shit lot worse.

Everyone best prepare in any way you can. Anyways Don’t Forget to Follow me on Alt-Media the better Media The Links are up above.


As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You.

10 thoughts on “Could The USA be the Next Canada?

  1. Thank you for the link to my obscure post, Armando. I am not sure how it helps your cause, but I hope it does. Meanwhile, the best way to end this conflict as soon as possible after its start, is to cut off the head of the aggressing army, the sooner the better. I believe that is called a worthwhile sacrifice.


  2. This comment is about your opinion piece on Canada. You were not in Canada, particulatly at the Coutts border crossing, the Ambassador Bridge border crossing, or in downtown Ottawa. If uou were you would know THOSE WERE NOT PEACEFUL PROTESTS. People were injured, most of them innocents. Lives were disrupted. And violence was threatened everywhere. SHUT YOUR FACE UNLESS YOU HAVE THE WJOLE TRUTH. You want to have a protest like that in your home town, be my guest. And try to hear your bedpartner tell you she loves you, because THAT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE WITH AIRHORNS BLOWING 24 HOURS A DAY, DAY AFTER DAY AFTER DAY. Do that for three weeks straight, and then trll me those assholes were “peaceful.” You have no fucking idea!


      1. Then I’ll say it nicely your a hypocrite. BLM were literally rioting an burned down buildings as well as looting if you don’t think that it’s rioting your sadly mistaken. You think what happened in Ottawa was violent? Air-horn is violent? When BLM literally burned buildings down. My job had literally threats from BLM saying they were going to shoot up the mall I work at. You clearly don’t know what your talking about if you think BLM were not riots. As a courtesy to you I’ll remove your article but. You look really foolish to belive that BLM were peaceful and that Canadians were violent


      2. I dare you to live with airhorns blasting 24 hours a day and not think it violent. I wasn’t in your mall so I have no idea what went on there. But there was nothing like what you describe on the news up here. But from everything I read the black folk down there were conducting peaceful protests until they were confronted by armed police and militia. And Trump bragged about sending agitators into the protests in Seattle. If Seattle, why not everywhere else. I am sorry that your life was threatened, and I have no idea what colour your skin is, but I do know the racism in America is systemic as well as individual. Wnites live in privilege for the most part, while black people live in fear every minute of their lives. Maybe you are okay with that. I am not. And a bunch of idiotic Canadians who think they have the right to destroy the lives of others under any circumstances should all move down to the States were no one will notice them. Up here they are worse than criminals, because they think their measly10% or less can control the majority.
        As for my post, there isn’t anything in it I do not believe. If you can make use of it, go ahead, as long as it is for peaceful purposes. I am a real revolutionary, and I want to see the system changed. The trucker are pretenders, a bunch of pussy-whipped assholes. They don’t care who they hurt, or how!


      3. That’s the problem the media hid all of that. I was near a bank that got robbed and burned down. It was not reported on. They broke in stole money burned it down. The only reason it got reported is that a lady claims that police shot her in the head with a bean bag gum and she was suing. She literally was on footage seen being one of the people that burned it down. None of the BLM riots were peaceful. By your definition. You said the noise that the truckers were making was bad. Before police got involved the way they did BLM was burning rioting Targets and Throw Bricks at stores with glass windows. And much much more that wasn’t reported. People literally had to spray. BLM on there Wooden Covered Glass windows so they wouldn’t be the next targets. You keep claiming it’s Trumps fault. You must have an issue with Trump yet. What’s going on in the Ukraine and Russia is because right now We Have a coward President amd usless. TAWAIN is next for China. Anyways for the system racism you may belive that I don’t I’m literally Hispanic. People are the problem ad a whole. People raise there kids if someone raises there kid to hate a certain person then they will grow up till they realize what’s right. I use to hate Trump because the media Painted him ad a racist and homophobe. Until I woke up and did my own research and realized they lied to me


      4. And you think Trump is not lying to you? Evrryone is lying to you. It is up to you how to deal with that. Quit reading what evetyone else thinks, they all want you on their side. The real question is, WHO IS ON YOUR SIDE?
        Find the snswer to that, and then realuze you have to think gor uourself, or someone somewhere is going to tell you what to think! And THAT will never be in your best interest, only theirs. If you die for them, no one will care!


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