Truth Social Media

*Everything that is about to be said is my opinion From Articles read*

Alright guys Everyone needs to calm down.

So many people are literally hating on “THE TRUTH SOCIAL”. Seems like a lot of hate is being given on an app that has been open for less then 24 hours. There is people already on twitter giving it tons of hate saying they cant access it. That or they have been added to a waitlist.

Well no duh you have been added to a waitlist to an app that has not fully launched. The app and site are new. There will be tons of hiccups to start. Unfortunately so many people don’t know the coding end of things were there is always issues when you just start something. No App or website is perfect on the first try that is just factual.


Golly Gee there are so many haters already on twitter bashing. This app that is like I stated less then 24 hours old. Not just that you can see what is wrong with this world by opening up twitter. Every where you go on there looking for reviews. The Rhetoric is that it is going to be a failure just like Trump was. That or the site is like all his other business ventures. They will all fail like him.

The problem is people are insufferable. They are also hateful and spiteful. They all want to see someone that they don’t like fail. Crazy to think that yeah Trump is not a perfect man by any means. Yet he is out here trying to create a platform that MSM does not control. Some people may see this as an issue. However I don’t see it that way.

Another issue that exists is the ALT-TECH platforms that exist hate on new Alt-Tech. However that is an issue that gets its own article.

Anyways all this hate for a site that has not been created is foolish.

Listen if you are one of the few waiting for “The Truth Social” Stop using the MSM media to complain about. Instead you should stop using those outlets Start using the Alt-Social-Media that exists. Examples

Want an Instagram Alternative? Here use:

Want a Twitter Alternative? use

Want a Facebook Alternative? use

Want a Mix? Use

There you go there are your alternative go use them. Instead of giving your information to sites that are using you for there own gain. Use other site and use alt-tech.


As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You.

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