Do They Care?

I don’t know about you but it seems like the Biden Administration doesn’t care about our military.

No seriously they do not care. If they cared they would have planned the removal of military better.

I am not a military expert or anything. Yet looking at how it turned out just shows you how terrible they did.

Here we are almost a week later and the administration has not done or said anything of worth. Then come to

find out that they left dogs that assisted the military personal. Like are you kidding me? You messed up so bad

that 13 soldiers lost there lives. They lost them even though they knew that there was going to be attack? No warning

to the men and women on the floor there.

This Man who claims to be President is at fault. Yet the fault lies on the entire administration this include Kamala Harris.

Pelosi may not be part of his administration. However she is also part of this Shit show. She tried to say that Biden did

a great Job. I don’t know about you but I’m pretty sure she is drunk when she makes these statements. No body in

their right mind would say that Biden did a great job.

So here we are asking the question.

Do they Care??

NO they don’t. its that simple

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