*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.*

So, I’ve read an article on Yahoo News that says Marjorie Taylor green launches, America first platform to promote Anglo Saxon traditions. As I read the article, I went down and I read that apparently the left, claims what they say, what makes America great is that we don’t judge you based on bloodline, we look at your character, so take your nativist crap and shove it. Well that’s a funny thing because I swear I remember that the left completely were trying to say that they want people to be basically judged on their color of their skin, because if they’re not judged by the color of the skin, then you’re basically denying them that they are who they are.

So now they’re trying to push the Oh, you need to basically judge them based on their character. Well, if I’m not mistaken, a smart man, a very smart man, which was Martin Luther King, Jr. said that first he said that one day he would hope that his children would be judged based on the content of the character and not the color of their skin. So basically they’re just stealing what he said, and changing it up, but, like a month or two ago they basically were trying to get people to stop judging people by their content of the character. And by the content of their skin, which is terrible, so basically they can’t make up their mind and they just want to keep washing around everything until you basically are brainwashed to think what they say is correct.

Yahoo News is full of crap in my personal opinion. Once again these things that I say, Are my opinion, my opinion alone. Some people won’t have the same opinion, but all I can say is Yahoo News is full of shit, and that is my belief. All I know is whatever they’re saying is a lie. I myself am Hispanic, and I believe in America should be first because we are in America, and America should be first, our job should not be to take care of immigrants, or illegal immigrants to be correct.

Our job should be to take care of the people of the United States of America. We are a country built on immigrants, but the immigrants are now no longer here, but they did build the country, and we are here to keep it pushing forward and not going back. And that is exactly what the left wants to do. We are trying to move forward. While they tried to push us back as a conservative, that is Hispanic. I get judged constantly for believing as a conservative, and I don’t care. My beliefs are America does come first, and that is a fact. America’s people come first, America’s people should be defended. First, because we are in the United States of America.

Then, if we have the time, we will assist the illegal immigrants. However America is in distress right now because of the Left. they have made the people hat each other, however the media is mostly to blame. they say what they want without consequences because of freedom of speech. However when someone on the right has a alternative opinion they try an silence them and call them liers. They also try and create Propaganda to make them look like liers.

The biggest issue is the lies that the media spews to make everyone sound bad. that why Yahoo news is basically making Marjorie Taylor Greene sound like she is racially profiling people when she clearly is not. she is clearly trying to push the narrative that America should take care of its people first instead of spreading itself thin and taking care of others.

As Always,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God bless you.

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