*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.*

Its been awhile since I have made an article. More or less because I make my opinions on video format. It is a lot easier to just post my opinions in a video format. So I apologize in advance. Now lets get to my piece.


If you have been turning on the news at all lately you will have seen that the news cant keep up. They are jumping from immigration to Asian Americans getting shot at. All of a Sudden there is an ALM movement but its not all lives matter. Instead they are Asian Lives Matter. In fact there are videos of Black Americans and that one white guy verbally attacking an Asian owned nail salons. However you guessed it this wasn’t all over the news the way it should be. The reason the Liberal news didn’t pick it up is they dont know who to side with. They know that if they start to side with Asian lives matter that the Black lives matter movement would attack them. However if they ignored the Asian lives matter movement that they would also get hate. So instead of pushing either narrative they stayed “Neutral”. You dont believe me? look up Asian lives matter on Bing. You wont get any articles with the Asian Lives Matter at least not from a big new corporation.

In Fact if you look there is an article that said Man attacks woman mistaking her for being white. The article literally says he mistakenly attacked the woman because he thought she was white. Listen I’m no expert but that’s a crime to attack someone. However then adding he only did it because he thought she was white? Come on that’s a joke. In fact by typing in Asian lives matter they talk more about counter protests for people saying white lives matter. Apparently there was supposed to be a protest for white lives matter which did not lead to anything. However the police sure are interested in looking for the person who wanted to do a protest for White Lives Matter. I find that interesting that they would start an investigation into the person who wanted to do a protest for white lives matter. However there is no investigation into the Black Lives Matter Movement?

No investigation into one but an investigation into the other sounds like someone has favorites to say the least. We all know the giant push to make White Americans to seem like a racist ethnicity. It is very sad indeed. When the news is trying to convince everyone that white people are inherently racist. I am Hispanic myself and I grew up in a very diverse group of people. In fact the most bullying or racism I had came from my own ethnicity. My friends were predominantly white. I felt like I fit in with them the most because they didn’t care if I spoke in English or Spanish. They simply saw me as someone that would talk with them about things they also liked. We got along because we like the same food or TV shows. Am I saying that its the same everywhere else? NO, every place is different. However I can say one thing that doesn’t help is to indoctrinate kids into watching videos and making them believe that they are born racist. Which if you have been paying attention to the news some big brand companies are pushing a video to all there white employees telling them they are inherently racist and they the video is made to help them.

Why do I bring this up ? Well its simple the news and government are pushing an agenda that fits there narrative. Once they have used what they want they throw it to the side. That is exactly what happened to the BLM movement. They used it to get Trump out of the white house and now they dont need it anymore. They used the kids in cages as a terrible thing to do. Yet they have doubled the numbers of kids being in cages. In fact they are so cramped up I would not say its even hygienic to be in there. The Biden administration has realized they done F#c#ed up yet they are playing it as they have not. I had friends and family sharing the kids in cages when Trump was President. They said Trump was a monster and needed to be taken out of the white house. Yet now that Biden is President they have not said a damn word or shared anything. You know why? , ill tell you why. They realized Trump wasn’t as bad as the media portrayed him to be. In fact Project Veritas release a video of one of the big corporations workers admitting to it. What does that tell you? That the news is a BIG FAT LIE.

You cant Trust everything you read on the Internet or the News. You have to make your own conclusion. You need to find your own Truth. If you read nothing but this ending. ALL LIVES MATTER. We need to start treating everyone around us like human. We need to start Believing in God and have his Truth Guide us. With out it we are just savages in a world full of more savages.

As always ,

I Am Armando and I want you to Fight For The Truth, Because the Truth is out there.

God Bless You.

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