Leader of the Free World Or Leader of unfreeing the World

*Disclaimer everything said here is my own opinion*

Let me guess you dont like the title? Does it seem like I spelled it incorrect? Well the left would beg to differ they would say that its correct. Oh you think I’m fibbing? Well lets look at our current president Joe Biden. He cant seem to get his sentence’s just right. The man has Dementia and that is a fact. You have seen him finish his teleprompter speech and then he seems to forget everything. This man who is supposed to be putting us on the right path in the states is leading us down a dangerous road. Joe Biden has yet to bring together a conference to inform the people of what he is planning to do. Instead Joe Biden goes back on all the promises he made. Which of course we know all politicians are going to do. We know that as soon as they get our vote that they are going to back on there promises. That’s what makes Donald Trump different from Joe Biden. One man is running his campaign on donations from the highest bidder. Then when Joe becomes president he does there bidding. People need to understand that its whoever invested the most has the most to gain out of it. I’m sure you knew this already but Donald Trump didn’t take any donations from and corporation when he ran against Hillary. Do you know why? It simple he knew that if he took money from the highest bidder he would be there puppet. So instead he ran campaign for the people to donate and or used his own money. He believed being the President was a job were you take care of the people of this once great country. I say once great because with only 1 month and 2 weeks in Joe has really screwed the pooch. He made America last. We are no longer the first priority. You dont believe me how many union workers are out of work because of Biden? How much has Gas prices risen in the last 2 weeks. You would literally have to be blind to not see all these things going on.

Losing Friends

The unfortunate thing is if you speak out you get canceled. If you want to say something about him you are automatically the enemy. Why cant people have the ability to speak there mind. Why cant we say we dont like Biden or that we didn’t vote for him with out being the instant enemy. No seriously we have to decide losing our friends or hiding who we truly are. There is no latter you choose to speak your mind on your social media and then your friends will automatically stab you in the back. All I have to say about that is they aren’t your friends then. Listen we are all going to have a difference of opinion but at the end of the day it should not stop us from being friends.

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