Gun Rules made with Emotion.

*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.*

What you think the title is misleading? Well its not the left continue to want to destroy our gun access. If you want to know what I’m talking about then just look at what Biden wants to do. The president used the occasion to call on Congress to strengthen gun laws, including requiring background checks on all gun sales and banning assault weapons.

Biggest issue here is that Biden keeps thinking AR stands for automatic rifle. That is how ever not what it means. It means Arma Lite Rifle for the company that created it. Which the name is ArmaLite Rifle. Any ways back to the point Joe Biden wants to use an occasion of the loss of life to push political agenda. Its not because he cares for the people but instead to play on there emotions. If you don’t believe me ask your self is it a good time to tell someone lets get a cat on the anniversary of the death of someone’s cat? Short answer is no, you will make the person cry and out of emotion they might accept the cat. However the issue is what if you cant afford a cat. What if you are under financial hardship and getting a cat would be a bad idea. Well guess what all that goes out the window when emotions take over. Then a few months later the people return the cat or worse abandon the cat.

My point is this, Biden decided to push his agenda to pull on the emotional strings of people. You see if the government doesn’t act he can claim that they don’t care about the people. Which in return will get people riled up and once again they will attack the government, or those who oppose the idea. In return this will end up getting people that don’t agree with Biden’s agenda murderers or heartless. The reality is that the Democrats just use peoples emotions to get things done.

Listen I support background checking someone to make sure they are mentally stable to own a gun. That’s about it though. However they way they are going about it seems to be all wrong. We also know that the government wants to take guns away from the people. They want to convince people that we don’t need guns and that the government will take care of us. Yet the democrats dont even believe there own lie. Literally remember they are the same people trying to defund the police. They are the ones that try to only darken the truth and make it seem like all police are corrupt. So the question remains why? Ill tell you why, they want to take your guns away so that you can’t fight back if they ever do something that they dont like. That in return will lead to a tyrannical government. If the people cant defend themselves they will have full control. If you dont believe me look at other countries that have super strict gun laws. There crimes lead to higher stabbings like in the UK.

People seem to think that simply by restricting gun laws they will be saving us all. I think the opposite of that. Like I stated just check people to make sure they are mentally capable to use a gun, that is about it. There should no be restriction on what type of gun you can buy, how much ammo you can own. This includes i should not have to tell the government how much ammo I own. They try and claim that its for the safety of others to make sure that people dont plan to start a shooting spree. That’s literally what they tell people so they can jump aboard the band wagon.

The reason I believe we shouldn’t have to tell the government is because if they ever want to over throw We The People. They will know how much we have to protect ourselves. They will know how long they have to outlast us and that’s that. We The People should have the ability to own as much ammo as we want, incase of lets say a Zombie apocalypse. This may sound like a stupid idea but the reality is TV brainwashes people as well as music. So mentally people will be brainwashed into believing all people are bad making them basically Zombies.

Listen we the people have the right to bare arms to defend ourselves from a tyrannical government. If we lose the right to bare arms you can bet your sweet cheeks the government will do as they please. In closing I want whoever is reading this dont let the government take away the only thing defending your freedoms. They will try and it all starts here.

You realize that Guns also protect the people themselves incase someone try’s to break into your house. Literally if someone breaks into your home are you going to call the police and wait till they arrive? Or do you plan to protect your life and that of your families. Worst case scenario is you have to kill someone to protect your self. However we all know a criminal values the items in your house more then they value your life. So I see it that we should value our family more then him and save our families. The police would not get there in time on top of that, especially because if you remember they want to defund the police. So its a full circle thing they defund the police and you cant protect your self means that a tyrannical government becomes even easier. All I am saying is people need to act with fact,s and not emotions which the democratic party really likes to use.

If you don’t share this at least remember always “Fight For the Truth ” and Remember dont let the government abuse the people. Together we are strong. God Bless You All.

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