Impeachment Trial 2/09/2021

*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.*

Today is going to be a very interesting day. You wonder why? well it is simple the government is wasting our money on a sham trial. If you don’t believe its a sham you are being lied to. The Senate already held a vote 2 weeks back to decide on if the vote for impeaching President Trump should take place. 45 Republicans voted no on Senator Rand Paul’s decision if the vote should even take place. Which means that the senate will be unsuccessful in impeaching Trump. For the record they need two-thirds of the Senate. So with the vote that took place it makes it dead on arrival. In fact I read an article about a day or so ago that even some democrats are starting to wonder if they can actually impeach Trump. I can give you my 2 cents. NO they cant like,Trump lawyers stated you can not Impeach a private citizen.

However that doesn’t mean the House didn’t try. In fact we all know that they did impeach him a second time and with out any witnesses or a right for a trial for counter argument. They didn’t give him anything and instead decided to prosecute with no verifiable truth. Remember they also did that with the first sham impeachment. They claimed they had a witness yet no one was able to see them, hear there voice nothing! Yet none of the people in the house of representatives was held accountable for tryin to impeach Trump without any proof. Yet here we are almost 1year later trying to impeach Trump again with nothing to prove him as inciting an insurrection.

I know by now most people who actually listening to Trumps speeches have seen or heard the speech he gave on the 6th. If you did then you know that not once did Trump say to do what the people did on the 6th. His speech even used the words Peacefully Protest. Yet they tried to take everything that he said and Twist it. Today they will give 4 hours each side to bring up to defend Trump. Once they do my prediction is that they will have his full speech possibly highlight many things in his speech to exonerate him of any type of insurrection. I’m Sure the left side will also try and use his speech against him. However like I said there is nothing in that speech that can be used to say Trump told or forced the people to and protest the way they did.

Also if you didn’t know by now articles have come out saying that Antifa and other groups were planning to attack the capitol. This means that the attack was planned way before Trump even said anything, even though he like I said he didn’t say to attack the capitol. So that already proves all of this is a sham on top of the house trying to rush the impeachment with out due process.

So today hopefully the senate makes the correct decisions and does not agree to this bullish impeachment. If they do like many reports out there it sets a dangerous precedent. We all know that the only reason that they are doing it is simply because they want to keep Trump from running in 2024. Why? well that’s simple many people have been red pilled during the pandemic. So a lot of the lies that the Dems have been trying to feed use are being caught. People have been doing there own research during the pandemic. These people have come to realize they were being lied to via the media. That also ties in all the false promises Joe Biden said, which include about a speedy first check and fracking getting banned. Which he said he wasnt going to ban yet here we are after almost 3 weeks of his presidency and many people our out of a job. Many unions are mad that he lied to them.

Anyways the point I’m making is people are not going to let Biden get a second term. That is if he even makes it threw his first term. We all expect him to be used as a rag doll and then thrown to the side for Kamala Harris to take the reigns which would screw us all more. So this impeachment is just a political movement to try and Barr Trump from being president again. On top of knowing there indeed was fraud . Trump should still be president. So now they need to keep him out for good. They also probably will try to keep us from ever voting republican by lying to us some more. They want us to be silent! Don’t let that happen. Tell someone, speak out or even just make a blog and share it.

Last thing is this they cant convict Trump if they do with out any verifiable proof then its a sham. They also should not be able to use news sources as a credible source because we all know that they are not credible if they have already been spewing hatred the entire presidency.

If you don’t share this at least remember always “Fight For the Truth ” and remember don’t let your voice be silenced.

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