Married Before 25 with Cancel Culture Rampant.

Some people said your crazy for getting married before your 25. They said your young and you can date any girl you want. Of course I could have. I knew that now personally I rate myself a 5 and I’m okay with that. I also have to mention I’m straight and believe that Man should only Marry a Woman like it says in the bible.

Unfortunately that’s a unpopular opinion these days. In fact if you believe in a man only marrying a woman you are seen as homophobic. That’s the sad world we live in. It’s very unfortunate that people can’t have different opinions with out being canceled . We live in a world were you need to bow down and get your knees to the Wrong people. We are expected to get on our knees and bow down to Cancel Culture or be erased. Literally you have a business and don’t accept a Gay couple, guess what you’r canceled. Don’t like Joe Biden and voted for Trump? Well guess what your canceled.

This world is going down the wrong path. Listen I got married before I was 25 because I found the woman that was right for me. She makes me turn my head every time to take a second look at her beauty. Does that mean everyone my age will get lucky? Well unfortunately they won’t. The reason is we live in a culture we’re everything is sexualized. They make movies were teens are having Sex and laugh when it’s not even safe sex. They make it seem like it’s a joke to just mess around with any guy or girl. Yeah on the top it looks like just a movie. However there is way more to it.

They make it seem like you can just have sex with anyone you want and there is nothing wrong with that. They make it look like having sex outside marriage is also fine. That’s what Hollywood wants. They want people to just go out party have fun and have sex with anyone because the more you do it the more you stay away from God. Oh yeah I went there. The world wants God to be dead in your eyes. They simply want you to get up and walk away from him. However they know that many people had Christian values instilled into them just like our Government. However this doesn’t fit there agenda so they make it “COOL” movies so it makes you think it’s cool. When it’s not waiting for marriage is best.

Listen if you have had sex before marriage God will forgive you. Especially if you led a different life before coming to him. Shoot even if you have been going to church and started walking down the wrong path. You can always turn around and God will forgive you. Unfortunately the world has made it seem like God won’t forgive you for making a mistake. Instead they try and convince to he won’t but that the Devil will be okay with you doing anything you do and still love you. Well guess what that’s a lie. The Devil simply wants you to think he cares about you so that he can take you away from God thats it.

Don’t believe me? Well look at the people who have turned from God, those people spend there days trying to full a hole in their life that they just can’t seem to fill. You know what’s missing? God is missing in there life whether you want to believe it or not. I’ve met many people who have turned from the life of drinking and doing drugs who said they did it to fill a void in themselves. They drank because they had a hole that was only temporarily filled with alcohol or drugs. Then they gave God a chance and bam that hole was filled. They felt filled inside. That doesn’t mean the Devil left them alone. In fact it was the complete opposite he wanted them more.

That’s how it is to be married. Especially at my age the devil wants me to fail and other young couples. He wants to make us think our marriage is not worth it that when we fight we should just divorce and go have fun. He wants us to think that yeah our wife is pretty but look at that girl. He tries to make us lust for another woman while we are married. The Devil really tries hard when we are happy. He tries to make you feel unhappy so you can betray your loved one. That’s the things you deal with as a married man or woman. You feel like the man your texting or woman your texting cares more for you then your wife. He makes it seem like it’s just a picture of her half dressed its not cheating. I want you to know though it’s a lie its just the devil trying to decieve you.

Do not an I mean do not betray your loved one. Ever!! Your loved one is someone you choose for a reason. They love you and care about you. The one night stand of a different woman may feel good to you in the moment but then you will regret hurting the person who loves you. The world will try to make you feel okay with it. The world will trick you into thinking it’s okay just lie to your spouse they will never know. However I’ll tell you what those movies are lies in fact in the same movie the person gets caught!! So stop believing everything you see on TV.

Listen I’m not perfect saying that I have never looked at another girl and had lustful thought. I can’t say that because I was born in a world full of sin. So yeah I’ve looked at a woman or 2 but I know that I’m happily married and that i would never give it up. For just a moment of pleasure. I am Loving the life of a married person thus far. I have been married for a short time so things may change but I know that I will put the maximum effort in to my marriage. Otherwise I wouldn’t have gotten married.

The world may try to cancel me for being straight and believing in the right way to be married. However no matter what I’ll always put God and my marriage first. What I am doing to some people might sound crazy and scary. However with Cancel Culture trying to cancel something as important as marriage with one partner then we the people need to fight back. That does not mean to attack other couples even if they don’t follow what you believe. However don’t let them make you doubt your marriage. Don’t allow them to make you feel like you are doing something wrong for simply following what you believe is right.

The biggest thing that can change cancel culture is to push back. When you push back and stick to your guns. The cancel culture mob will get bored of trying and move on. Thats exactly what happened to the Goya foods owner as well as MyPillow. they stuck to there guns they said we are here and you are not going to make me back down. In fact more people went out of there way to Buy Goya foods because they saw this was a man with a strong drive. He was someone that stood for what he believed. The same goes for the MyPillow owner. They tried to cancel him out but instead his company saw more growth. So what I’m trying to tell you is Stay true to your Husband or Wife be truthful to them and grow together. Also Keep God involved in your relationship and see it grow far.

If you don’t share this at least remember always “Fight For the Truth ” and remember don’t let cancel culture cancel you, push back. For alone we are weak but together we are unbreakable. God Bless you all.

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