Impeachment Trial 2/09/2021

*Disclaimer all things here our my own opinion from articles I have read.* Today is going to be a very interesting day. You wonder why? well it is simple the government is wasting our money on a sham trial. If you don’t believe its a sham you are being lied to. The Senate already held a vote 2 weeks back to decide on if the vote for impeaching President Trump should take place. 45 Republicans voted no on Senator Rand Paul’s decision if the vote should even take place. Which means that the senate will be unsuccessful in impeaching Trump. … Continue reading Impeachment Trial 2/09/2021

Married Before 25 with Cancel Culture Rampant.

Some people said your crazy for getting married before your 25. They said your young and you can date any girl you want. Of course I could have. I knew that now personally I rate myself a 5 and I’m okay with that. I also have to mention I’m straight and believe that Man should only Marry a Woman like it says in the bible. Unfortunately that’s a unpopular opinion these days. In fact if you believe in a man only marrying a woman you are seen as homophobic. That’s the sad world we live in. It’s very unfortunate that … Continue reading Married Before 25 with Cancel Culture Rampant.