France Security Bill

*Disclaimer anything in this article is my opinion based on the information available*

The news doesn’t report news anymore. Have you looked on what is going on in France? Have you heard about what’s going in France? If your answer to both things was NO. Then im going to advice you find a different news Platform. So ill tell you what I have found.

If you search on Bing for France minor things are popping up that aren’t to important. Except for one thing that should be noticed by everyone and also be front page Bing news. However its not because its all part of big techs plan to silence the the truth. So ill tell you The Truth.

France is having tons of protests in there cities. The people are protesting because a new security bill. What does this Bill entitle you ask? Well its taking away the peoples right to film the Police. For some people they wont care and don’t see this as an issue. However if we cant film the Police The Truth of things can be hidden from the people. I live in the U.S.A. , like many other people so we may not see this as a threat. However you would be wrong in thinking this.

The Truth is that there people out there trying to take away our free speech. What you need to realize is this once they silence the group and succeed. Other countries will fall they will fall in line. All that because 1 country took away a bit of the freedom. You also wont hear about the downsides of taking away the right to film police offers. The answer to that is simple, take away what captures the truth and there is no truth. The only way for the truth to not be shared is by hiding that truth.

So that’s what is going on in France. Which is apparently a place that has a common rate of police violence. This is a very unsafe practice if true. When the police cant be filmed for committing a crime then they definitely will commit them. The people will pay a high price for not being able to show the truth. When they get to pretend that it is a success story there, this type of movement will move to other countries. The movement could indeed make its way here. So that’s why I am making this Blog Post.

I respect the police but they should be filmed and be held accountable for all things they do. I believe we the people have the right to film our selves and situations that could go bad. We the People need to spread the word Freedom of Speech means Freedom of the Press as well. We the people should not be silence for voicing our opinions. The Big tech and Government should not control what we private citizens say as long as we don’t impeded on other private citizens rights.

I don’t speak for everyone here in the United States but I’m sure We The People stand with the people of France. If we don’t stand with them we will be next. If you want to make people aware of what’s going on with France then share this with someone.

If you don’t share this, Then remember this “Fight for the Truth” and take back the power to the people

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