Stock’s a Dangerous Game

*Disclaimer I am not a stock expert and everything here is my own opinion from what people have said and I have read.*

As I write this blog hundreds if not thousands of people are getting pretty angry at big tech and the government. Is it surprising that people are mad right now? I personally don’t think so, in fact its well deserved. Yes I know it sounds crazy but its true. If you have been watching what’s been happening in the news lately. Then you would know that the Government has decided to intervene in the stock market. If you haven’t been paying attention and want the quick run down then here it is.

A group of people on reddit decided to get together and go in on GameStop, AMC and other stocks. They decided in the subreddit r/wallstreetbets after an individual stated that Gamestop had a lot of potential to grow. The individual also said that he had made a heft profit already and so many other people in the subreddit decided to invest, driving the prices for Gamestop prices to rise.

This of course is in itself Harmless and would cause no issues of course that is if the person is being truthful. The individual could have driven the prices for his own ill gains. However it seems like the individual did it so others could possibly make a gain. This would include people who missed there shot at stocks like Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, And Amazon.

The issue that has arisen from this is that now the Government has gotten involved. They basically are claiming that they are getting involved in the free market since there is to much volatility. They are also saying that they are doing it to protect the people who have invested into the stocks. However it is called the stock market for a reason. We all know that if you invest in any stock you have a chance of losing it all. So there should be no surprise if you invest one day and lose it all the next day. What I mean is if you purchase 20 dollars of 1 stock you still own the 1 stock. However it could lose its value and that’s just how it goes. So yeah we all know investing is a dangerous game. So why should the government get involved?

Well from different sources around the internet they are saying its the Billionaire friends who are getting mad for losing money. They are making it sound like the people in government are in cahoots with the rich. They are saying that they are getting mad that no one is investing in the big companies and so they are losing out on money. So they made it sound like they are pulling on the governments leg and saying you better do something about this or next time you run for office your not going to be getting a check from us. So what do the people in the government do? Well they screw over the people of course. The people in power should be the people but that’s changed real quick since this new presidency. The people aren’t first anymore, the corporations are.

The corporations control the Government because they have deep, deep pockets. So that’s why the people have decide to fight back and invest in smaller companies that were already on the verge of collapsing. All this is because the people have decided to fight back against the big corporations. However the Billionaires definitely don’t like it that the people are fighting back. They simply want people to stay complacent an allow them to get richer while we stay poor. So if you are thinking of getting in to stocks. Do some of your own research take a look into r/wallstreetbets and even Youtube. Go out learn about stocks and how you can fight back an maybe even make some money on your own. We the people need to learn how to get back at the corporations that have taken advantage of the people for so long.

My last thoughts are this. The Billionaires in the stock market and Government are all on the same page. That page is to screw everyone on there way to the top. A quote from wolf of wall street.
“After all, it was the nature of twentieth-century capitalism that everyone should scam everyone, and he who scammed the most ultimately won the game. On that basis, I was the undefeated world champ. Right now the Billionaires are thinking they scammed us all, and have thought like that for a long time. So they definitely don’t like that the people are doing it to them. It’s time We The People take back what’s ours.

Whatever you decide to do “Fight for the Truth” and take back the power to the people.

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