My continued reading of Phil Robertson, titled “THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL”. Chapter 2 is called The Lie: There is no Devil. The Truth: The Devil of the Bible is real and he is our enemy. Like the title states the devil is our enemy he wants to act like our friend. He acts like doing what he says isn’t bad and there will be no consequences.

You see Phil Robertson speaks of how when he was trying to change his life around. This was after he got baptized that he wanted to live life true and narrow to God. However there was just one problem his old friends the ones that liked to live there life on the deep end. They wanted to party, drink, smoke and sleep around. He realized that he had to step away from these friends or he would never be able to move to the Christian path. However the Devil knew he wanted to change so he was there picking and prodding him. An when a friend had invited him to go fishing.

He let his Guard down and trusted the friend. The end was he ended up getting drunk again. He decided he was going to skip church the next day. However his mother told him that he was going and ended up going. Fast forward he leaves those friends and they cant believe that he changed who he was. That he was actually trying to become a Christian and move on from his old life style. Later on after changing his Friend the one that seemed the craziest called him up and wanted to speak with him. He ended up baptizing his friend and speaking to him about God. The friend died 2 weeks later. He felt that he might have just his friend in the last moment.

What happened here is a real thing we all go through this in life especially when we decide to better our lives. You see the Devil is alive and he is our enemy he looks for a weak spot were he can get you. In the eyes of the Devil if he can get to you, he believes that it will weaken the faith of others. So Never ever let your Guard down. Now as a person in high school your friends are usually the ones you want to impress in anyway to seem cool. That’s why so many young kids smoke, drink, or even have sex. They think it will make them look good. Please don’t let it fool you that’s the devil working to take you to his side and keep you in Sin.

So if you have been there and you did all those things you probably think that you cant comeback from this right? Wrong! You can be saved don’t let the enemy fool you. That’s exactly what he wants he wants to make you think that God wont love you if you commit sin. He wants to make you think that once you mess up that God wouldn’t want a failure. That God only wants perfect beings. This is also a lie that the devil makes. Lets not forget he is called the Great deceiver for a reason. He deceived Eve to eat the fruit of knowledge, he made her believe that God was lying about eating the fruit. He told her that God was afraid that if she ate the fruit she would become a God herself and that scared God. So don’t be fooled the devil wants to keep lying to you making you think that God doesn’t want a sinner. He also makes you think that only the Devil could love you when that is also lie.

The Devil does not love you but he does love trying to keep you from Gods Grace. Never believe the lies, if you have read the bible you will know that God ate and sat among the sinners. He was there to save them and that’s exactly what God is still trying to do save us. You need to know that no matter how deep in the sin you are that God still loves you. That if you woke up tomorrow thinking you lived your life wrong and wanted to be forgiven for your Sin, that he would forgive you. It doesn’t matter your age, height, weight or , sex. Gods grace is open up to everyone. God Loves You never forget that. The most used word in the bible is Love. It is said 538 times. God Loves you and will forgive your sin. So please if you are reading this and feel like you have been living your life wrong and feel unloved. Know that God loves you and will forgive you don’t let the Devil deceive you.

To give you my thoughts. I believe the Devil is alive and he is definitely the enemy. You see before I was awaken to believing God was alive. I hanged out in school with not a terrible group of people. They were simply people who liked to drink and smoke when they weren’t in school. I was raised luckily by a mother who loved God and told me not to do those things. So I would never smoke or drink even if they asked. I stayed as clean as possible for someone that at the time wasn’t fully immersed into God. I simply did not have a need for it. That didn’t mean that the Devil left me alone. In fact I believe he attacked me to try and get to my mom. If your thinking that sounds crazy well I will let you know its not. Remember the devil is the enemy and if he feels like he cant get someone who believes in God like my mother he will go for the next best thing, which was me.

The devil tried to get me with my friends and when I wouldn’t hang out with them, they shunned me from the group for a couple days. However as a high school kid I didn’t see it as a bad thing I simply saw it as I didn’t fit in because I didn’t want do the things they did. I wont lie many of times I was tempted to see if what they said was true that if getting high would make me feel as great as they say it did. However I never fell into that temptation that the devil put before me because I didn’t want to let my mother down.

Long story short those people aren’t my friends anymore in life. I decided on my own that they weren’t people I wanted to hang around. Unfortunately since I wasn’t at that time in love with God the way I am now. I am not able to save them or speak to them about God. However if the time comes and I am able to speak to them either if they read this or I see them in person I will tell them the truth. I will tell them that the Devil deceives them and lies to them about what they think feels good. If you are dealing with a temptation right now and feel like you cant be saved, or that God doesn’t want you because you made a mistake. I want you to know that its not true. You are being lied to by the Devil our enemy. He is making it seem like you cant come back to God and makes you feel embarrassed like Adam and Eve. All I have to say is don’t be embarrassed. Get on your knees and pray and ask God for forgiveness and God will forgive you. Remember he loves you and always will. The Devil is just the enemy who wants to keep you from grace. The greatest trick the Devil pulled was making the world believe he doesn’t exist. However know God is in your corner and when things are getting tough call upon God he will Protect you because he loves you.

Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

God Bless you and if you need prayer go ahead and leave a comment and ill add you to my prayer wall on here for others to read so that they also can Pray for you.

One thought on “IS THERE NO DEVIL?

  1. I was a teenager who knew all the clicks in school but I was never just friends with one set of clicks. I got baptized when I was 16 on my own no influence from my church or family. Then when I was 18 I fell astray and ended up in a very bad relationship. I did things I remember and things were done to me badly. I got out of that relationship and got saved again at 21. Throughout my marriage God wasn’t a priority like he is now with me and my kids. My daughter got saved at 12 and my son got saved at 21. The Devil is real and when you sell your soul to him, he will definitely come for you. God and Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit is alive and real and they never left us. We left them.

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