As I read a book by Phil Robertson, titled “THE THEFT OF AMERICA’S SOUL”. The first chapter of this book is titled The Lie: God Is Dead. The Truth: The God of the Bible is not dead and he never will be. I wont retail the book because its better you go and read it yourself. However from this Chapter alone it made me think about where I stand on this point. My entire Life I have lived a life were I’ve been told about God speaking of how he rose from the dead. My thoughts were always he was alive or that he had come back from the dead. We were also taught Jesus is God in the flesh. So to me God has always been alive.

However after reading this first chapter I took a step back and looked at my life and realized there were many people who didn’t think that. Many people believe Jesus was never resurrected and that he died an that was it. Others believe that Jesus was made up someone to control people with and for false hope. They also Believe that Jesus may have been a real person but was just a person that was crazy and miracles just happened when he was near by. This is just in short what others around me believe. So in many peoples minds there is no GOD and so to them GOD is DEAD. The believe that if God is real that he is a terrible person and a bully that just lets people suffer. They believe God is dead because they are down in there luck and they aren’t rich while others are. They believe that God is Dead simply because everything is not going there way.

I do understand there frustration. These people feel like since they are poor, homeless, sick or dying that God is dead. However my question to these people is have they lived a truthful life? Have they tried to follow every commandment in the bible? Have they ever sacrificed something of there own to God?

A lot of people need to step further into the Bible and read it. Look for the Truth that it offers. That is what this world lacks the most Truth. However thats for a different blog post.

When you begin to sacrifice your time to get on your knees and pray. As well as give up a tithe of some sort to God. You will see there is a difference and that God is truly alive. However I’m not saying God is in it for the money so please don’t misconstrued what I’ve said. I’m saying that if you want to know if God is truly alive make an effort to find God and I know when you seek him you will find him

The world is indeed ugly when all you seek is ugly. What people need to do is look for the beauty in the world. Stop watching the News all it will tell you about is all the bad thats going on. The news doesn’t want you to see all the good this world has to offer. It doesn’t make them money and they have nothing to gain. I was in a place that all I saw on the news was people getting murdered, or being homeless and sick. That’s all I saw, until I searched outside the normal news source and saw there is indeed a lot of good in this world.

Now to give my thoughts about what I think. I personally like I stated believe God is not dead. I once was on the other side and thought God was dead. You may be surprised since I did say I was raised in the church. However when people are constantly saying it to you over and over. You sometimes feel like it’s just being pushed in you. Similar to a snail I decided to go into my shell. I felt like maybe he’s not alive and all these people want me to believe he is so they push this on to me. So it made me doubt that God was alive and made me want to push him out of my life. I had entered a point in my life where I thought God was just another made up thing along with myths. I never told my own mother that or anyone simply because I knew that they would just try and push the subject on me more. When that is exactly why I had pushed God to the side and made him dead to me. Time went on and I did my own thing ignoring Scripture and reading the bible. I decided that I didn’t need God but that I would go to church to simply satisfy my mothers ambitions of me going to church. I was an usher so I also had to put on a fake face when going to church. Once again simply doing it so others would think highly of me and not suspect anything.

All these things I faked simply because God had been pushed on to me my entire life. I didn’t seek to find if God was real or alive. I just simply in my mind decided to push him out. However I came a point to were everything I was doing was not satisfying me. I felt numb to all things around me. I felt like life was boring and going nowhere especially after my school shutdown. I felt like nothing was going my way then I began to just blame it on God. When I look back I blamed God even thought at the time I didn’t know if he was alive, yet I needed something to blame and so choose him. However the day came, were I realized how could I blame someone if I didn’t know if he was alive. How was it possible to blame something that I had denied for so long. So I put my self to the test I told myself that i would give God a chance to prove himself to me. So I fasted, prayed and read the bible. I put it all in to find out if God was real or not. I told God that I would give it my all and that if after giving it my all and he didn’t reveal himself to me I would give it all up and walk away from him completely.

Long Story short here I am 4 years later with a new lease on life. I wake up and thank God every day for giving me another day of life. I am married to a beautiful woman who loves me. I have Job that sure I’m not rich from but I have yet to go hungry and or ran out of money for gas. I will add that it hasn’t been a perfect shot I have had my moments of doubt but every time i have those moments will get on my knees and pray. So to this day do I know that GOD IS ALIVE and if you want him to show himself to you make the sacrifice, Pray, Fast and Read the bible but go all in. You have nothing to lose and everything to Gain.

God Bless you and if you need prayer go ahead and leave a comment and ill add you to my prayer wall on here for others to read so that they also can Pray for you.

4 thoughts on “IS GOD DEAD?

  1. Science has proved God exists. God Particle and because they knew more people would believe they fabricate a story and say it was called the goddamn particle because it was so hard to find. It’s literally God.


  2. Beautiful written. You took an evaluation of yourself and your purpose with God. A lot of people need to do that. I know God is alive and he is with us everyday.


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